Summer Fun

Client: Summer Fun
Date: August 1, 2016
Services: Website & Branding

Summer Fun Student Center is successfully representing and taking care of international Work and Travel students since 2008.

We are Summer Fun Student Center, a group of professional people who want to meet your needs during your stay in the United States of America. We opened our office in order to provide a full guidance and help to people who come to the United States, especially for their first time. You can be sure, that we will always do our best to make your stay away from home most pleasant and easy as possible. Just leave it up to us.

Every year thousands of international students visit the United States of America for W&T program. Our goal is to provide them a complex service and make their stay in the USA comfortable and safe, we also give them some fun and excitement during their stay by preparing attractions and cultural events. It is a common problem that students experience difficulties in adapting and adjusting to the culture of America, which is definitely different than the one met in their home country. Our friendly and helpful staff is here to give a support, answer any question, and provide experienced advice 24/7. Thanks to years of experience our employees are competent and have an individual approach to every student. These are the main factors why Work and Travel companies and local employers choose our services, for what we are forever grateful and we look forward to assist the students travelling to the USA!